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The archive maintains the Wayback Machine, with content donated by Alexa Internet. After a user specifies a URL, this machine provides archived versions of the website, through the years. As of June 2016, Internet Archive had 487 billion web pages stored.

(Source : https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Archive)

People named the Wayback Machine after the name from a cartoon series called The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Through a time machine, The Dog goes Mr. B. Peabody and his assistant, a boy named Sherman, back in time, via their machine "the WABAC Machine" to visit famous events from the past.

The Internet Archive allows you to view old versions of sites. What did your website look like in 2014 or in 2008? All this can be done through the Wayback machine. You can access the site via this url :