Optimize your own website

Good visibility within Google is important for your online success. Achieving a good position and connecting with your target audience is not always easy, and there may not always be enough budget available to hire a marketer. However, this does not mean that achieving a good position is impossible. There are many opportunities that you can apply yourself.

Tips to increase your Google PageRank:

1. Content (=content) development: content (text) is the key to success! With good content, meaning relevant to your product or service, you will rank well with the search engine(s). In addition, keep the content updated: post new information regularly. Google sees that and this earns you bonus.

2. Page titles: make sure you have a unique title that is relevant to the content and thus attracts visitors. (For both the underlying code and on the visible part of the page, see Example 1)

3. Meta Tags: Small pieces of text placed in the HTML code of a web page that provide invisible information to the search engine. Most important to search engines is the so-called description tag. So it is important to put a unique description (description) on each page. You can do this through the CMS system (see example 1)

4. Reciprocal linking: Still has a positive effect on websites that rank well. Some blogs claimed that this has no effect, only that is not entirely true. How this method works: You place your link with anchor text on another Web site to increase your rank. The search engine will analyze the links that link to your site and determine its rank. If a poorly ranked page links to your website, it will not affect your rank. But once a site with a high rank links to your website, it definitely has a positive effect on your PageRank! For example, ask suppliers, industry associations and user groups to link to your site. Plus increasingly important is posting articles and blogs on other websites with links (and anchor text) pointing to your website.

5. Patience: it takes time for the changes made to be indexed in the search engines. You should be patient to see whether the changes have a positive or negative effect on your PageRank.

If you have any questions about your website, we would be happy to hear from you.

Good luck with your business and website!

Example 1

Google PageRank position

* Pagerank : PageRank is a method of ranking pages on the Internet by importance. It was developed by the founders of Google Inc. (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) in 1998 when they were still active at Stanford University. Stanford University holds the patent on PageRank while the name is trademarked by Google. A page gets a higher PageRank if there are more links from other pages where the number of links on those other pages and the PageRank of those other pages are also important. (source : https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/PageRank)

Piwik analysis software

Piwik is an open source analytics program and thus, like Google Analytics, is also free. This does need to be installed on your website but the advantage is that you then own all the data. UtileWebsites.co.uk installs this software inexpensively on your website. Interested please send your request through our contact form. Regular customers can go through support submit their request.

More about Piwik see : https://piwik.org