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Zend Framework 3 and end of life zend framework 1

In 2006, Zend( introduced their Zend Framework 1 with the most important feature being MVC ... or Model-View-Controller. Augustes 2010 Zend introduced "dependency injection" and "event-driven architecture" in their Zend Framework 2. This was quite an advance. Only if one had a project in ZF1, then one could not simply upgrade to ZF2. ZF2 was…

Upgrading to php 7.2 or 7.3

If you are still using PHP 5.6 or 7.0? Then it is important that you consider upgrading your server to php 7.2 or 7.3 As security updates for the old versions fall away, your code may become vulnerable. Upgrading is so done ? Unfortunately no... Upgrading to a newer PHP version can be done at…

javascript 3d product/floor configurator with tree.js

In the past, we developed a 3D product/floor configurator in Flash ( (+ Papervision3D: . Only this era is again far behind us. Anno 2019 we use javascript/TypeScript instead of actionscript which people used in flash back then . How do we create a 3d product/floor configurator these days? Obviously from javascript. Just as…

Johann Sebastian Bach returns as AI

Google develops AI-powered Doodle. In which one enters 2 bars of, say, single notes (as the main melody melody) and then the AI creates a Bach arrangement based on these notes. This is based on a pattern analysis of a lot of Bach's written pieces to distill a kind of Bach principle from there.

Try it yourself? Go to :

(more at