Zend Framework 3 and end of life zend framework 1

In 2006, Zend(www.zend.com) introduced their Zend Framework 1 with the most important feature being MVC ... or Model-View-Controller.

Augustes 2010 Zend introduced "dependency injection" and "event-driven architecture" in their Zend Framework 2. This was quite an advance.

Only if one had a project in ZF1, then one could not simply upgrade to ZF2. ZF2 was not compatible with ZF1 projects. Many programmers had to redevelop their ZF1 projects in ZF2 if they wanted to take advantage of the new features, or they kept one project in ZF1 and another ZF2.

ZF2 is a huge huge library of many modules and classes. No project will use all the modules and when creating a ZF2 project, they do all get installed at once along with it.

ZF2 has a big learning curve and it is really not simple. Many developers dropped out because of the complexity and moved to the Symfony framework, for example. We at utilewebsites.co.uk have been using zend framework since the first version in various projects and have always considered it a powerful framework once you got the ins and outs. Not for nothing was zend framework also used for Magento development.

ZF2 does not take advantage of the latest features offered by PHP7. Five years ago, PHP7 did not exist. ZF3, in its own words, solves all those "problems." Zend framework 3 was released in June 2016

On the site of zend about zend framework 3

What is Zend Framework 3?

For Zend Framework 2 MVC users, the differences are subtle:

- Increased performance; we've measured up to 4X faster applications under PHP 5, and even better performance under PHP 7!
- PHP 7 support.
- A focus on de-coupling packages, to allow re-use in a greater number of contexts. In some cases, this has meant the creation of new packages that either split concerns, or provide integration between multiple components.
- A focus on documentation. Documentation is now included within each component repository, allowing us to block contributions for lack of documentation, as well as automate deployment of documentation. See our new documentation site for the results.

Migration from version 2 to version 3 was at the top of our minds, and we have provided a number of forwards compatibility features over the course of ZF3 development, and written migration guides to help you navigate the changes.

End of life transmission framework 1

With the release of Zend Framework 3, it's time to halt development on Zend Framework 1. As such, we hereby announce that Zend Framework 1 reaches its End of Life (EOL) three months from today, on September 28, 2016.

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