Flash to HTML5 Service

Converting Flash to an HTML5-based solution is usually a custom job that requires the involvement of a programmer. Simple animations or videos can often be handled by conversion tools, but when it comes to more interactivity, these tools fall short.

Another disadvantage of automatic conversion is that it generates a lot of code, which can make an application unnecessarily heavy and slow. Additionally, automatically generated code is often difficult to modify, resulting in an application that is hard to maintain.

Do you want to convert a Flash application to HTML5?

Utilewebsites.nl is happy to help. First, we will study your existing application and then propose a project to convert it to an HTML5 solution. If we have ideas that can take your application to an even higher level, we will include them as option(s) in our project proposal.

Do you have a Flash application that needs to be converted to HTML5?

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An example from our project archive:

Recently, we developed a casino game that needed to run exclusively on HTML5, and in doing so, we came across a great alternative, pixi.js (see our blog : HTML5 pixi.js alternative for AS3/Flash.).

Below is a video of the entire project.

A website

We can design a website for you in different ways. We can use various standard programs to create a static HTML website. In addition, at UtileWebsites, we can come up with the entire concept and develop it completely tailor-made (design and programming). Custom work requires more time and a different budget. To save costs, we also offer websites based on the affordable WordPress at UtileWebsites.

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Looking for a developer?

UtileWebsites specializes in developing tailor-made total concepts, solutions, and integration solutions with existing systems for webshops, websites, and applications. This includes tailor-made websites, optimizations of existing systems, web applications, CMS systems, and tailor-made extensions, such as modules and plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento. This means that we go beyond just the basics; we push the boundaries to make your ideas fit seamlessly into your website and webshop.

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Webshops Magento & Woocommerce

Development of custom total concepts & smart solutions for Magento, WordPress and WooCommerce.

You are also in good hands with us for the transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2. We can handle both the migration of existing data and the redevelopment of modules/extensions from 1 to Mag 2.


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